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Slowing Down is Productive

Season #3 Episode #56

Are you a high achiever, jumping from one opportunity to the next? Are you stacking on more than you can handle to get ahead? I get it - I used to do this all the time - until I realized that achievement for achievement's sake is undirected. There will be moments in your life when you need to slow down and ask yourself if you are still going in the right direction. If you are, excellent. If you feel like you are not, you need to dig deeper and ask why. 

In this episode, I share three important questions to ask yourself as you slow down: 

1) Who are you at your core? 

2) What do you want in your life? 

3) Who do you want to become? 

Be limitless in your mind - you can do what you set your mind to - so think big, no limits, just you and your vision. 

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Be bold, be positive, and take action everyday!