What is Life Teaching You?

Season #4

In this episode, I share a few thoughts on how to reflect on life's lessons in the moment. You see, all that you experience, from amazing relationships to hardships, from slow days to hectic days, it is all teaching you something. Your role, in your life, is to see it, be present, observe, and ask What is this teaching me? What do I need to learn? Who must I grow into to go through this challenge? 

I hope this episode inspires you and helps you see the beauty and also the struggle that life has to offer as you progress into this next chapter of life. 



How do you find your purpose? 

 How do you choose the right career? 

How do you choose the right relationship? 

How do you choose anything in life? 

You've come to the right place. My name is Dom and I've wrestled with these same questions time and time again. And I learned that I must first study myself, before I look outside of myself for the answers. 

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