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My name is Dom and I'm a happiness and success coach.

From a young age, I was always an overachiever, receiving awards, going to excellent schools, and getting great jobs...but in all the "achieving," I never felt fully myself. I felt burnt out, I felt like I was running on a treadmill, my 9-5 was more like an 8-7 (including traffic), I felt stifled and uncreative, even though I knew I was full of awesome ideas and energy. I stopped myself because I was scared of stepping into the unknown. I worked so hard to become an international affairs professional, that the thought of closing that door sounded crazy and 'unrealistic.' But, when I started questioning myself seriously - is this my true path? Is this the future I want? I realized it wasn't. There was something else for me...

I gave entrepreneurship a shot in 2014 and started my own social impact organization. It took me a whole year before I shared anything with the outside world, because I was so paralyzed by the thought of failing. After a lifetime of achieving and earning the respect of my colleagues ...I didn't want to be seen as a "failure." Little did I know, failing is a part of the process. Failing is a part of life, I just didn't have the language, nor the experience to accept it. Fast foward to 2018, I quit my diplomacy job to begin a new journey in coaching. 

All of my life, I used my coaching skills to organize community events, lead student organizations, encourage friends to pursue their passions, motivate colleagues to ask for more challenging work...I was a coach all along, but never gave myself the space to explore an unconventional career. 

Today, I feel more aligned, more on purpose, more like me. I finally jumped and it feels amazing. I'm just starting on this path, but WOW, does it feel good to do something that makes me feel alive and thankful each day. I learned through my process of becoming a coach, all of my experiences in life were preparing me for this path. 

I want to help you achieve something similar, whether it is a new direction in life, more happiness, more joy, or more meaning and purpose, I want to help you. You deserve to live your best life, because you only have one. It takes work, commitment, and discipline, and if you're willing to work for it, I want to work with you. Connect with me and let's start living your big dreams - because they are possible, as long as you start the journey. 

You can email me directly at or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram @HappySuccessCoach. 

Here's to your great adventure! 

Dom :) 


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"Dominique is an inspiring and effective coach. Before my sessions with Dominique I had unclear and poorly defined professional goals despite really wanting to advance my career and thinking about it constantly. From the very first session Dominique helped me identify what I wanted professionally as well as articulate what I had already achieved. She encouraged and challenged me to think big while at the same time to identify specific steps to get where I wanted to go. Dominique had me perform an exercise where I identified two places where I wanted to see myself working in the near future and I am happy to state that I am finishing a consultancy with one of the places and about to sign a full time contract with the other! "

International Physical Therapist and Humanitarian

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