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Career reinvention is a journey. 

As a high achieving ambitious woman, I struggled with professional identity loss  (aka trailing spouse syndrome) jumping from job to job, country to country. After nearly a decade of professional instability, I decided to challenge my own definition of professional success. I began reading books on personal development. I began attending seminars. I devoured anything I could get my hands on in search of a new life and a new way of being.

The result? A new career as a Speaker, Author, and Coach helping other high achieving women pursue their passions, develop their purpose, increase their income, and scale their impact. 

If you are ready to grow, connect with me and let's get started on your journey to greatness! 

Dom is insightful, passionate, and inspiring when encouraging entrepreneurs as they begin the journey of building up their business. 

Katie O'Neil

Placemaking Entrepreneur

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Dominique has a way of making a person gain confidence.

Bles Chavez-Bernstein

Author and Singer 

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The most predictable future is the one you create. 

Living an inspiring life requires you to level up your thinking, your emotions, and most importantly, your actions. To get different results, you have to do things differently. Join me on this 5-Day challenge to learn the exact steps I took to start my dream business teaching and inspiring others. 

Everyday from August 15 to 19, 2022, I'll be going on ZOOM at 9am AEDT (4pm PST, 7pm EST) teaching for 60 minutes LIVE! You'll be guided through multiple questions that will help you gain the clarity and confidence to #liveyournewstory! 

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