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Let in the Good

Season #3 Episode #60

Are you allowing good things to come into your life? Are you letting in the good? Are you making space for the beautiful experiences, friendships, and relationships that life has to offer? 

In this episode, I share a simple framework for letting in the good - E.R.O.S.

ENERGY - What brings your energy? What things, people, activities make you feel alive and vibrant? 

Who do you feel a deep connection with? Who are the people that lift you up, challenge you, help you become better? Who gives you good energy?

What opportunities do you let into your life? Do they align with your vision? Do they add value to your life experience? 

Do you feel good in your home space? Do you feel good in your work space? Do you feel good in your car? What can you do to make it better? 

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Be bold. Be positive. Take action, everyday!