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Female Entrepreneurs, Mindset, and a TEDx Must Watch

Season #4

Are you a female entrepreneur or aspiring to start your own side gig, business, or new venture? If so, this episode is for you! The wave of female entrepreneurship is upon us and if you have been sitting on that idea, waiting for something to happen, my one piece of advice is to just go for it. The dream within you has been planted because you need to see it grow. You need to water it. You need to make it happen. A big part of your journey will be leveling up your mindset! Think like an entrepreneur and act boldly with conviction that whatever your dream may be, you have the capacity to make it reality. Finally, for more motivation and inspiration, I mentioned Bernadette McBurnie, a good friend who has recently done a TED Talk called the Power of Being Seen. You can find more information on her here: You can watch the TEDx Talk here: JOIN MY WEEKLY SUCCESS NEWSLETTER! And let’s connect!