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Don't Be Afraid of The Passion with Sara Hartary

Season #4

Meet Sara Hartary, a Value Creator, Fractional COO, and Founder of BizOpSolved. 

As a passionate entrepreneur and working mother, Sara is trailblazing a path for future executives to do challenging work they love while still having time for people they love. 

As more women reach C-Level positions, while still raising kids and caring for elderly parents, Sara is demonstrating a new model of working and accessing a talented resource pool. 

Rather than finding talent to fit the 40-hour work week, Sara is showing businessowners the immense value and efficiency of creating an environment to hire fractional talent, which creates a triple win situation. The business hires talent at a fraction of the cost, the business’s efficiency and value increases, and the fractional executive is able to do work they love and have time to raise a family. 

Highlights from this Episode: 

  • The 9-5 work construct doesn’t work for half the population who has other obligations. When you challenge this construct and understand that it is not necessarily more expensive as a SME business owner to hire fractional talent, you radically open up the resource talent pool. 
  • Build a network of professional friendships where you share vision and drive. Help one another out and support each other’s missions. 
  • We need to create a Grassroots Women’s Business Network, informal relationships that support business growth and business ecosystems. Instead of “Where did you get your shirt?” we need to start asking “Where did you find your CPA?” 
  • Have more business conversations with female-owned businesses. 

Mic Drop Moments: 

  • If it doesn’t exist, create it. 
  • Don’t be afraid of your passion. 
  • Entrepreneurial terror is real. 

What does success mean to you at this stage of life? 

Seeing my daughter grow to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Beyond that it is realizing my dream, taking my passion and making it happen. My daughter is growing up to believe and think that I can just create a business if I want to. 

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