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How to Start a Personal Growth Practice

Season #5

In this episode, I share a simple framework for beginning your journey to personal/professional greatness. Personal growth has led me down the path of entrepreneurship and has given me opportunities that I would have never considered.

The practice and art of self-reflection, and giving oneself space to grow is immensely valuable. Ultimately, only you will KNOW what is the best path for YOU. You have to grow. You have to choose. You have to build the kind of life that lights you up.

Here is the simple framework I teach:

1. Read ONE Book that inspires you in the area of growth you want to pursue

2. Take ONE Bold Positive Action in the direction of your dreams

3. Write ONE Paragraph on what you learned about yourself after taking action

4. DECIDE where to go next and make sure it feels good and right to you.

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Be Bold. Be Positive. Take Action, Everyday!