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3. Practice Abundance

Season #1

Welcome to the WE Corps Podcast! 

WE Corps = Women's Entrepreneurial Corps, and our mission is to train, mentor, and guide Creative Women Leaders on their entrepreneurial journey to building purpose, profit, and positive change. 

So, I'm Dom, originally from Los Angeles, but have been traveling the globe for almost 15 years! 

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer and US Diplomat, I've been through many career pivots and international moves, while raising three girls with my amazing and supportive wife. I began my entrepreneurial journey back in 2015, when I didn't know who to be and what to do with my professional career, after having twins and taking a year off to explore "entrepreneurship". Fast forward, nearly a decade later, with moves from California > DC > Peru > South Korea > Australia, I've learned how to be my own boss, while serving a mission and purpose I believe in, supporting other Creative and Entrepreneurial Women Leaders with a desire to share their voice and make an impact in the world.  

Warm welcome to you, my lovely listeners! I hope you enjoy this episode...

Episode Summary: 

I share three simple ideas to help you live with more abundance.

1. Be in the ENERGY of GRATITUDE


3. Be in the ENERGY of SURRENDER

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