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5. Intentional Productivity

Season #1

Welcome to the WE CORPS Podcast! 

WE CORPS = Women’s Entrepreneurial Corps 

Our Mission: Train and mentor CREATIVE WOMEN LEADERS on your entrepreneurial journey to build purpose, profit, and positive change in the world. 

I’m Dom and I’m your host! As a former Peace Corps Volunteer and former US Diplomat, I’ve transitioned my life’s work to supporting other conscious leaders in their pursuit of a better life and a better world.

Whether you’re looking for your next career move, starting the next chapter in your life’s journey, or need some inspiration and motivation as you EXPLORE the right path for you, the WE CORPS is a place and space where you can be free to imagine, wonder, and contribute your unique voice to the world.

This is our space. Let’s Make Change Happen together! 

In this week’s episode, I share with you three ways to be more intentional in your daily life. Productivity is not about being busy all the time, but about doing what matters to you with presence and purpose. Here are three ways to start living with intentional productivity:

  1. Start a Stillness Practice - Quiet time, meditation, prayer, or journaling
  2. Start a Creative Practice - Cooking, Creating, Painting, Gardening, Inventing, Writing, Building
  3. Start a Clearing Practice - Tidy up, clear out physical clutter, digital clutter, mental clutter, create space for new people an experiences to come into your life

Each week, set the intention (the kind of person you want to show up as - describe her). 

This week, my intention is to _____________________________. 

My purpose is to ________________________. 

I will honor my purpose by doing the following: __________, _________, ___________. 

Give yourself the space to breath and the space to be present in the moments you have. I hope these ideas can spark your imagination as you discover the practices that will support your life and well-being. 


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