Ready to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey?  

Join the Profitable Purpose Challenge 

(June 10-14, 2024) 

Are you ready to use your voice and create a business doing what you love? 

Are you ready to start your Entrepreneurial journey as an...




Are you committed to your dream? 

But overwhelm and self-doubt start to creep in and you are not sure where to start? 

Hi! I'm Dom, and I can help! I was also on the same journey, just five years ago, not knowing anything about speaking, coaching, becoming an author, or running a business.

But, through time and effort, and consistently showing up, studying, implementing, and doing the work, I built my business. 

Over the past five years, I have: 

1) Conducted over 30 paid speaking engagements, across the US, South Korea, and Australia; 

2) Served over 60 clients, conducting 400 hours of coaching, trainings, and workshops; 

3) Published my first book in 2020, during the pandemic; 

4) Published 100 podcast episodes; and 

4) Was interviewed in over 20 podcasts, summits, and entrepreneurial groups; while

5) Being the primary caregiver for our three daughters and moving across three countries. 

If you think this is a challenging career, it can be (if you don't start). But, with time, effort, and consistently showing up to learn and grow with imperfect action, you will become a transformational author, coach, and speaker. 

So, if you are ready to commit to your dream, I invite you to the Profitable Purpose 5-Day Video Challenge!

Over five days, I'll be taking you on a journey to see what it is like to start your own Transformational Business doing your work to serve, support, and heal the planet. Whether you are supporting wellness, sustainability, gender equality, and financial empowerment, this is your community and opportunity to be the change! I'm here to support you, guide you, and help you get started! Here is a brief summary of our 'learning itinerary' for the week! 

Day 1: Define the Vision

Day 2: Define your Money Goal

Day 3: Choose your Method for Change

Day 4: Build the Community with Intention

Day 5: Create Your Conscious Business

 So, get the guidance you need to succeed to turn your passions into a profitable business. I have been helping my students over the past five years begin their journeys' as transformational leaders, authors, speakers, and coaches. 

Step into your Calling and register today for the Profitable Purpose 5-Day Video Challenge! 

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