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The WE Corps Podcast

The WE Corps Podcast

Hosted by: Dom Narciso Kim

The WE Corps (Women's Entrepreneurial Corps) Podcast, formerly known as The Positive Success Show, is dedicated to inspiring and teaching entrepreneurial women leaders how to create, build, and launch a purpose-driven...


What I Learned From Writing a Book

Season #2 Episode #39

Ever wonder what’s its like to finish a book? In this episode, I share five lessons I learned about the writing process. I also encourage you to write your stories and give others the courage to share their voice with...
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Be a Visionary of Your Life

Season #2 Episode #38

What does it take to breakthrough? Having a vision - a purpose - a higher calling that pushes you into action. When you step into possibility, you make your vision more real. Be bold, have vision, and start doing the...
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Graceful Goodbyes

Season #2 Episode #37

It’s the Transfer Season and people, friends, colleagues, and families are moving on to the next adventure. For those that are staying it’s tough, for those that are leaving it’s tough. Whatever your situation, take...
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Aligned Achievement

Season #2 Episode #36

Ever feel like you keep achieving but never feel satisfied? If so, this episode is for you - I had to ask myself, am I being aligned with my Best Self - am I being true to who I am - does this goal feel right to me?...
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Own the Barbell

Season #2 Episode #35

In this episode, I share a personal win in my CrossFit life and how owning the barbell (any obstacle/goal) by overcoming your fears and just going for it builds your confidence and courage to play bigger in life.
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Unlimit Yourself

Season #2 Episode #33

Learn ideas from Jim Kwik’s latest book: Limitless!
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How to Be Healthy and Successful

Season #2 Episode #32

In this short episode, I challenge you to prioritize the basics in life - good food, good sleep, and fitness. Mastering these basics will help improve your energy and clarity to tackle your biggest goals.
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Fearless Friday: Do One Thing That Scares You

Season #2 Episode #31

In this episode, I share one action I took to step up my success game. Do one thing that scares you, you’ll fail, learn, or win and gain the courage to take the next step.
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Fuel Your Faith

Season #2 Episode #30

In this episode, I interview Jeanette Ortegon, an up and coming leadership coach, author, and speaker. She shares her journey from South Central LA to South Korea and how she overcame challenges with her Faith. Get...
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What do you do with #COVIDcourage?

Season #2 Episode #30

In this episode, I call you to serve. I share some reflections on the last time I felt inspired to serve, when I joined the Peace Corps. Today, the challenge is different, but the needs will always be the same. We...
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Poetry and Realizing Dreams

Season #2 Episode #29

In this Episode, I interview Bles Chavez-Bernstein, an author, poet, and classical singer who shares her journey of becoming an artist and realizing her dreams later in life.
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Hungry for Connection

Season #2 Episode #28

In this Episode, I welcome a good friend, Tuyet Duong, a fellow expat spouse working remotely for her DC-based job, while raising three kids. Since COVID-19 hit South Korea, I started getting together with a few...
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