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The WE Corps Podcast

The WE Corps Podcast

Hosted by: Dom Narciso Kim

The WE Corps (Women's Entrepreneurial Corps) Podcast, formerly known as The Positive Success Show, is dedicated to inspiring and teaching entrepreneurial women leaders how to create, build, and launch a purpose-driven...


3 Lessons from 2020

Season #2 Episode #53

My top three lessons for 2020: Practice CourageBuild the TribeEvolveBy taking action this past year, surrounding myself with good people and peers, and recognizing that I need to evolve - letting go of old habits and...
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Open the Door to Your Purpose

Season #2 Episode #52

In this episode, I share a simple formula for discovering your purpose. This one is writing intensive - make sure you have a journal to reflect, dream, and identify your purpose. Let me know what comes out for you,...
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Be the Impetus for Impact

Season #2 Episode #51

Meet Dr. Amanda Barrientez, Founder of NFA Coaching and the Neurofreedom Alignment method. She shares her story of how she gradually shifted her identity from an accomplished professor to a six-figure entrepreneur and...
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Do Something Different

Season #2 Episode #50

Do you want new things to come into your life - better health, better career opportunities, uplifting and positive relationships, more excitement in the day to day? You must Do Something Different - how you show up...
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Choose Discomfort or Discomfort Chooses You

Season #2 Episode #49

In this episode, I share three ways to level up your personal growth. Ever wonder why you can't breakthrough or feel the same old emotions and get the same old results? It's because you need to see your life...
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Turn Failure into Fun with Crew Coach Karine Rayson

Season #2 Episode #47

Meet Karine Rayson (IG @the_crew_coach), an amazing multi-talented entrepreneur from South Africa. In this interview, she shares her journey to entrepreneurship through her adventures in teaching at Montessori schools...
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KPOP What?!

Season #2 Episode #46

Meet, JEN CHO (IG @notchoyoga) KPOP Yogi, Entrepreneur, and Founder of One Soom (One Breath). She is Korean American and moved to Seoul to pursue her idea of creating a new yoga experience - KPOP Yoga. In this...
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Sneak Peak to #LiveYourNewStory

Season #2 Episode #44

My first non-fiction book will be coming out this Winter (early November). In this episode, I share a Chapter from the book and also a few thoughts on my journey and process for getting to this big milestone in my...
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Serve, Lead, and Succeed

Season #2 Episode #43

When you give, you receive. In this episode, I share with you the benefits of serving others, as a foundational element to your success. When you give your time, knowledge, and teach others the lessons you have...
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Decide to Win

Season #2 Episode #42

What does it take to live your best life? What does it take to make progress in your health, career, finances, and relationships? One decision - a decision to win, while showing yourself grace and patience in the...
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Dancing in the Ecstasy of the Present Moment

Season #2 Episode #41

In this episode, I interview Athena Tabula, Breath Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Founder of the Global Yoga Movement. She shares her journey to wellness, health, and vitality and other gems of wisdom on how to reclaim...
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Rest, Reflect, Reset

Season #2 Episode #40

In this episode, I share a few questions to reflect on as you begin the second half of 2020! Make sure to have a journal out to write down your thoughts and ideas and to gear up to finish that one goal that matters...
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