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Happiness is Success with Bernadette McBurnie

corporate life entrepreneurship intention leadership tedx Sep 20, 2022

Meet Bernadette McBurnie, Executive Coach, Women’s Leadership Expert, and TEDx Speaker (The Power of Being Seen). She is a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom for those that have worked in Corporate, stay-at-home mom, and entrepreneurs. Her breadth of professional experiences and depth of knowledge is incredible. This episode is filled with so many great exercises and frameworks. She will teach you how she views success, her framework for success, and how conscious choice and intention play a huge role in how we move forward, make progress, and eventually accomplish our highest vision. 


Bernadette McBurnie has enjoyed a life full of rich, diverse but also very challenging experiences, both personally and professionally. 

Following a thriving career, climbing the corporate ladder, from software developer to Corporate Executive in France, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, United States, Bernadette developed a strong passion and commitment for Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.

Over the last 20 years, Bernadette has created a successful Wellness Business, and became an Executive & Team Coach, Women Leadership Expert and International Speaker.

She gained invaluable experience leading teams and successful projects in very diverse cultures and organizations. She now works with small and large organizations:

  •  To empower Women Leaders and get their voice heard
  •  To develop high trust and high-performance leaders and teams to increase growth
  •  As a coach, she works with a wide range of corporate executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are committed to create success in all areas of their life, amplify their impact, and bring more abundance into their lives.

Bernadette McBurnie’s mission is to inspire and empower others to be their best self, live their best lives and best serve the world.

As a TEDx Speaker, Bernadette inspires others though her life journey of struggle, victory and celebration, on how to find strength through weakness, courage through fear, resilience through adversity.

The Power of Being Seen is to inspire the quiet and unspoken voices, so they find their power, stand up and are heard.

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