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How Do You Find Your Purpose?

fulfillment meaning purpose Apr 10, 2022

What are you good at? What natural gifts can you share with the world? What are the threads or patterns in your life?

In this post, I share a simple framework for finding your purpose:

1) Get curious about your past...what moments or seasons in your life did you feel most alive?

2) Notice what you naturally enjoy doing...what are you drawn to?

3) Try to remember what you loved doing as a child.

4) When you discover what you love, try to incorporate it into your everyday life.

5) Acknowledge that your purpose evolves over time as you live, gain more experience, and move through this life. 

Suggestion: Spend at least 30 minutes journaling on your life. Notice the threads and patterns. What makes you feel most alive? And, on the plus side, many things can make you feel alive - jot it all down - this will give you insight into what your purpose is :) 


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How To Identify Your Life Passion(s)

What is Your Life Passion?

Your passions already exist within you, you just have to identify the moments in your life when you have felt joy and happiness in an activity, job, or experience. And it can be anything! We change and evolve, but our passions stay within us and it is our job to bring them out to the world. 

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How do you find your purpose? 

 How do you choose the right career? 

How do you choose the right relationship? 

How do you choose anything in life? 

You've come to the right place. My name is Dom and I've wrestled with these same questions time and time again. And I learned that I must first study myself, before I look outside of myself for the answers. 

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