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How To Stay Positive at Home

In all of my teachings, videos, and podcasts, I focus on being positive. I focus on framing your mind in such a way that allows you to see and feel what is possible in your life rather than accepting what is. 

I understand the entire world is in distress...and as this virus continues to upend our lives, I urge all of you high achievers, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs, to keep a positive mindset. This is what will get us through this time. 

If you want to learn more ideas for staying positive at home, check out this week's podcast! 

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Be Positive

happiness positivity Oct 10, 2018

The foundation for success is happiness. 

What you think about, comes about. What you focus on, becomes your reality. Do you focus on the good or on the bad? Do you focus on the positive or the negative?

Being positive is an intentional action. Choosing to see the good in the bad, choosing to be grateful, choosing to be optimistic, will make you happier. All of us have bad experiences, but the beauty of our life lies in how we come back from those experiences, how we respond to those experiences, how we can show our greatness as humans through positive action. 

I challenge you to BE POSITIVE. For one day, examine your own thoughts at the top of the hour. Are you thinking positively or negatively? Write it down in your journal or write it in your phone. If you have have more positive hours than negative hours - you are in a good place. 

I truly believe the more positive you are, the happier you feel, the more successful you will become. It all starts with...

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How do you find your purpose? 

 How do you choose the right career? 

How do you choose the right relationship? 

How do you choose anything in life? 

You've come to the right place. My name is Dom and I've wrestled with these same questions time and time again. And I learned that I must first study myself, before I look outside of myself for the answers. 

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