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Let's Go to the School Play!

motherhood raising girls Dec 07, 2018

Last night, the ambitious mother in me asked my wife, “Hey, let’s go attend the school play with the kids, it starts at 7pm, it should only be for an hour.”

We get to the bus stop and drive for an hour in Seoul traffic, with the twins high off life, squiggling, arguing, and dropping things every five minutes. My wife and I look at each other exhausted, but happy because the girls are happy.

We get to the play and the twins run for the popcorn machine, show is starting in 2 minutes, we rush to get the popcorn and find our four empty seats in the front row. We take them.

10 minutes in, one daughter needs to use the restroom. 20 minutes in, popcorn ran out and Madi is taking Elise’s popcorn. They start quarreling and shoving each other. I’m trying to balance a few drinks and tell them subtley “Stop fighting, we’re at a show girls.” Halfway through, my wife needs to head back to the office.

Then an eternity of time passes, and what I...

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