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entrepreneurship expat social impact Mar 08, 2021


“When you love what you do, it will bring out the best in you.” Nyna Caputi

Nyna is a role model and a pioneer for expat women around the world. As an expat woman herself, originally from India, Nyna identified an opportunity to do good work in the Bay Area by creating a space and community for mid-to-senior level expat and immigrant women professionals to gather, network, and learn from each other. Since starting her side-hustle-now full-time business in 2013, The Expat Woman has a community of 13,000 professionals around the globe and continues to grow. 

In this episode she shares: 

  1. How she pivoted her ‘in-person’ business to virtual events
  2. How she created The Expat Woman after moving to Northern California with her spouse and recognizing there were no professional networks for expat and immigrant women
  3. What she does to stay positive when life gets stressful (hint: gardening and long walks)
  4. How selling is a critical skill for any person (entrepreneur, professional, employee)



To learn more about NYNA, you can connect with her directly on:

To learn more about The Expat Woman, you can connect on: 



Nyna Caputi the Founder and CEO of The Expat Woman is also the Co-Founder and Producer at Bel Air Films and creator of The Digital Event Academy, Start Yours Bootcamp, Empowered Women’s Leadership Conference Survive and Thrive Abroad Summit, The All-Women Hackathon and the Female Founders Pitch Female Funders.


She is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and her most recent film 'Petals in the Dust' focused on gender violence in India has been screened globally including at the United Nations Film Festival. She also founded the Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls in 2010 in San Francisco, an international awareness campaign on the violence and genocide of Indian women that has taken place in over 25 cities and five countries including India, Kuwait, Canada, USA, and Australia. In honor of her work to end misogyny and empower women, she received the Women of the Year 2015, California State Assembly and is also the recipient of Woman of Distinction 2015, Soroptimist International of Diablo Vista and the MediaMaker Fellow 2014, Bay Area Video Coalition. She is also the winner of the ‘Global Influencer 2019’ award from Women Empowerment Awards North America.

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