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Life Has No Purpose, except TO LIVE

inspiration Dec 03, 2018

I'm taking this Happiness Coach certification course with Happittude  and it was our last class this past weekend. The instructor answered the question "What is the Purpose of Life?" with a very simple statement - "Life has no purpose, you just LIVE." 

Wow, I was floored and so were some of my classmates. Is it really that simple? Yes. And the beauty of this statement is that it liberates you - YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE. All the things we are taught - all the things that society wants us to be - all of the things our families and communities and institutions teach us as "the way" - you don't have to choose that way, you can create you Own Way. And when I say this, you can pick and choose and throw out all the beliefs and values that you were raised on - if you have another idea of HOW TO BE in the world, and it FEELS MORE LIKE YOU...go do it. 

I am a Filipina American woman, lesbian, mother, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, international traveler, and the list goes on...all of these labels do not stop me from being ME...but all of these labels make me UNIQUELY Dominique. I have so much to offer the world, I have so much passion, so much to give...and if there is one thing I hope I can do in my work, in this work of helping others grow, coaching others to be their best selves, I hope that it helps you get started on your own journey to BECOMING YOURSELF. I hope my work inspires you to CREATE YOUR OWN lifestyle that fits you and your goals/dreams. You can do it, I believe in you. I started...and so can you.

Live Awesome,



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