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Success is a Result of Being Happy

entrepreneur entrepreneurship neuroscience overcoming challenges Jun 22, 2022

Meet Paula Echeverri, a serial entrepreneur, hearing-loss survivor and advocate, and author of the book Emerge. Meet Paula Echeverri, a serial entrepreneur, hearing-loss survivor and advocate, and author of the book Emerge. In this interview, Paula shares her story of hearing loss and how she turned what she thought was a limitation into an opportunity. For the first six months of her hearing loss, Paula struggled with her new life questioning her self-worth and all of her relationships. After having a panic attack and going to the hospital, Paula decided to transform herself. She used techniques such as practicing gratitude (which releases happiness chemicals in the brain which produce feelings of positivity) and changing her internal narrative. Paula credits her mother for showing her how to be resilient and also to her own experience running and starting up businesses for her ability to bounce back from hardship. Paula also shares her three step framework to overcome any challenge: Accept that you have a problem. Surround yourself around a tribe of people that will support you. Be resilient - bounce back quickly from your challenges.

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PAULA ECHEVERRI was born in Colombia but spent half her life in the Silicon Valley in California, where she started a family. She is a proud mom of two girls—8 and 11. As a serial entrepreneur by nature Paula is passionate about how consumers and brands interact. She also worked with major companies in the tech space in Silicon Valley. She majored in Advertising and also has a certificate in Neuromarketing and is now pursuing her Applied Neuroscience certificate. After losing her hearing suddenly years ago with no apparent medical reasons from doctors, she did a lot of reading and research. She decided that there was more to life than limiting beliefs and being stuck was not an option. The loss of her hearing triggered in her a change in her life, and how she perceived her reality, which helped her a lot in her path to heal herself and accept her new life. Thanks to her experience as a CEO, she found out that mindset and resilience are key traits to bounce back from any challenge in life. She loves poetry and started writing again because she wants to help others and shine a light on interesting research from Neuroscience and the power of our minds to emerge from any situation.

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