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Success is about Meaning with Samantha Karlin

female entrepreneurs female leaders feminist leadership Nov 02, 2022

In this episode, I interview Samantha Karlin, CEO of Empower Global, Founder of the Women's Leadership Challenge, and host of the show  @Samanthropolitics . 


Samantha is a powerhouse #femaleentrepreneur and #femaleleader helping amazing women across industries develop their voice, confidence, knowledge, and know-how to navigate life, work, and the desire to lead. 


She drops some amazing insights and stories on what it takes to pursue your passions and build a mission-driven career or business that fits these four criteria: 

1) What people need; 

2) What people pay you for;

3) What you are good at; and 

4) What you enjoy


You can learn more about Samantha here: 




Facebook Group - Women’s Leadership Laboratory




Women's Leadership Challenge:

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