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 Rona Jobe is the Founder of Level Up Strategies and also a Partner at Smart Settlements in Washington, D.C. 
In this episode, she shares her insights into living a more balanced life, while pursuing ambitious goals. She has lived in Brazil and transitioned from a life as a management consultant to finding her own way in the international lifestyle. 
You can find more about Rona on the following channels: 
Instagram: @smartrona
LinkedIn: Rone Jobe

Rona’s passion is seeing growth and achievement in individuals and small organizations. She has more than 15 years of experience in project and program management, strategic communications, and technical and operational change implementations. Scaling resources is not only a professional skill to Rona, it is a way of life. She continuously aims to streamline and improve everything around her - at work, at home, and in her community.

Rona’s work in the Washington, D.C. area evolved from policy analysis to program development, and finally - to small business strategies. She has an eye (along with the formal training) for strategic planning and trend analysis. Her ideas have gained national attention, leading to offers and appearances on national television and conferences. She currently sits on multiple local organization boards that directly impact her community in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia.

As part of a Foreign Service family and with an internationally diverse family background, Rona has lived in three countries and speaks four languages. Rona received her bachelor's degree in the areas of Political Science and Legal Studies from UC Berkeley and her Master of Public Policy degree from George Mason University.


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