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Three Steps to Thought Leadership

thoughtleadership Jul 20, 2023

In this episode, I share three steps to start a Thought Leadership Career. 

First, DEFINE YOUR MISSION. Who do you want to serve? 

Second, DEFINE YOUR MESSAGE. How do you want to serve them? What do you want to teach? What change are your advocating for? 

Third, DEFINE YOUR MEDIUM. How do you want to deliver your message - through books, podcasts, blogs, writing, speaking, or teaching? Do you want to run workshops or webinars, conferences or retreats? 

As a change maker and thought leader, I always knew that I wanted to help humans reach their potential in their personal, professional, and community lives. You are your message, and becoming the greatest version of yourself is your greatest impact. Let's help you amplify who you are, by building a thought leadership platform to support your cause :) 

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