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Success is a Result of Being Happy

Meet Paula Echeverri, a serial entrepreneur, hearing-loss survivor and advocate, and author of the book Emerge. Meet Paula Echeverri, a serial entrepreneur, hearing-loss survivor and advocate, and author of the book Emerge. In this interview, Paula shares her story of hearing loss and how she turned what she thought was a limitation into an opportunity. For the first six months of her hearing loss, Paula struggled with her new life questioning her self-worth and all of her relationships. After having a panic attack and going to the hospital, Paula decided to transform herself. She used techniques such as practicing gratitude (which releases happiness chemicals in the brain which produce feelings of positivity) and changing her internal narrative. Paula credits her mother for showing her how to be resilient and also to her own experience running and starting up businesses for her ability to bounce back from hardship. Paula also shares her three step framework to overcome any...

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Personal Change Happens Internally First

emotions mindset Jun 09, 2022

How do highly successful and positive people live their lives? 

What are they doing on a day to day?

They manage their internal state for success. They know how to will themselves to do the hard work, to summon their best thoughts, to slow down when things are getting too hectic. They are incredible managers of their emotions. 

In your life, decide on one personal change you would like to make. 

What do you believe about this positive change? 

What do you think you might struggle with?

What is the story you tell yourself about yourself?

What will you do differently to get different results? 

This is the ‘Inner Work’ that must be done to achieve long-term sustainable success. 

You can do it! It’s possible. It takes practice. Do the work. Let me know how it goes! 

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How to Design a Successful Day

success mindset Jun 01, 2022

In this episode, I share with you a simple framework for designing a successful day.

I call it the "3Ms" - Morning, Movement, Mission. Rather than having your to do list, think about having a to be list. Who must you BE in order to achieve all that you want?

3M Framework:

1) How do you start your mornings?

2) How do you move your body everyday?

3) How do you connect to your mission?

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Be Bold. Be Positive. Take Action, Everyday

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Am I Ever Going to Fit?

author entrepreneur healer May 24, 2022

In this episode, I interview a friend and colleague, KYLA MITSUNAGA, a Mind-blowing Results Coach, Healer, and Subconscious Expert. In this gem-filled interview, she talks about her framework for helping clients make progress, how she stays positive despite difficulty, her definition of success, and many more awesome insights.


3A Framework: Awareness, Acceptance, Action

This can help you understand where you are, what you need to accept, and what you can actually take action on. In Kyla’s words “You can’t act on something you don’t accept. You can’t accept something that you are not aware of.” So, self-growth happens in this order: AWARENESS > ACCEPTANCE > ACTION. Acceptance being the most difficult, yet important step. 

Facing Society’s Definition of Success vs. Facing Your Definition of Success

“Reframe the way in which you understand success…whose definition of success are you looking...

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How Do You Find Your Purpose?

fulfillment meaning purpose Apr 10, 2022

What are you good at? What natural gifts can you share with the world? What are the threads or patterns in your life?

In this post, I share a simple framework for finding your purpose:

1) Get curious about your past...what moments or seasons in your life did you feel most alive?

2) Notice what you naturally enjoy doing...what are you drawn to?

3) Try to remember what you loved doing as a child.

4) When you discover what you love, try to incorporate it into your everyday life.

5) Acknowledge that your purpose evolves over time as you live, gain more experience, and move through this life. 

Suggestion: Spend at least 30 minutes journaling on your life. Notice the threads and patterns. What makes you feel most alive? And, on the plus side, many things can make you feel alive - jot it all down - this will give you insight into what your purpose is :) 


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The Purpose of Work Post-Pandemic

career professional life Mar 16, 2022

The Great Resignation or The Big Quit is a huge opportunity to shift the way we think about work. 

In this post, I share my thoughts on the four main elements that will drive the purpose of work in a post-pandemic world. If you are a leader or business owner trying to retain talent, these are a few questions to consider in order to keep employees engaged, committed, and motivated to serve your organizations' mission and vision. Or if you are a high performing professional seeking clarity around your current career path, these questions will help you think and reflect on the purpose of work in your life.

1. Does work satisfy an intrinsic motivation?

2. Does work create an environment of belonging and community?

3. Does work provide personal growth opportunities? (Not just growing professional skills, but developing a more holistic mindset around success, high performance, excellence, and congruence).

4. Does work provide a path towards senior leadership? 

If you are...

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Be Consistent

In this week’s episode, I talk about the success topic of CONSISTENCY. In order to achieve your goals, become your best self, experience new and heightened levels of life, you must practice consistency. Consistency in how you show up. Consistency in your intentions. Consistency in your actions. And most importantly consistency in reflecting and revisiting your original intent that drives your daily choices, daily habits, and daily mindset.

Resources: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

Be bold. Be Positive. Take action, everyday.

**Note: I receive an affiliate commission for any resources mentioned in my shows that I provide links to.**

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Choose Greatness

big dreams courage mindset Oct 29, 2021

What does it take to become great? 

In this episode, I share four ideas for greatness. I believe we are all capable of becoming a better version of ourselves - a happier, more compassionate, forgiving, ambitious, and purpose-driven human being. I believe that when we seek out greatness in ourselves, it causes a ripple effect of greatness in others. 

What we see in ourselves, we see in others. That’s why I encourage you to CHOOSE GREATNESS. We need more positivity in this world - and it starts with you. With a decision, then an awareness, then an action, then a journey of learning and growth - and ultimately a path towards becoming your greatest self. 

Thank you for watching and if this served you, please share with two friends or colleagues that need some inspiration. 

I believe in you and remember to be bold, be positive, and take action everyday


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Believe in Yourself

belief personal growth Oct 21, 2021

In this episode, I share the No. 1 Step for Making Your Dreams Happen - you must believe in yourself. You must see it in your mind before you see it in the world. Then, you must also believe your your are capable of learning the knowledge, skills, and practices to achieve your dream.

Believe in yourself wholeheartedly. Believe that you are capable of learning the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. 


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Practice Self-Awareness

In this episode, I share with you the importance of self-awareness in your life’s journey. Self-awareness is knowing how you think, feel, and behave in the world, and acknowledging that your level of self-awareness determines the extent to which you feel happy, content, and fulfilled in your life. 


You can begin the practice of self-awareness by (1) Acknowledging the range of emotions you feel in any given day; (2) Being intentional about how you react to your external environment; (3) Choosing to study and see yourself without judgement; (4) Awakening to the kind of life that brings you joy. 

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